This course is designed for Primary/Nursery/Play-School Teachers/Teaching Assistants or anyone else who would like to quickly master a simple guitar accompaniment technique and the ability to strum along to a dozen or so popular children's songs.

The intention is for learners to spend a day with a tutor, in a classroom setting, where the basic skills will be taught. Comprehensive support material - in handout form - will be issued to all those attending the course which will proceed at a slow user-friendly pace in a 'fun' environment.

Learners will continue to to develop their techniques/style using this site as an interactive point of reference.

As the skin on their fingers hardens up and their speed, changing chords, increases learners will (with 15 minutes practice 5 times per week) become proficient over the following three to six weeks.

Learners will need:-

Nice to have - but not essential:-

Definitely essential:-