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Manchester Rambler

(Ewan MacColl)


D       /         /        D       /        /      D      /           /

I've been over Snowdon, I've slept upon Crowdon

D       /       /    D   /     /  D   /  /   A7 /    / A7 /

I've camped by the Waynestones as well

/    A7   /       /     A7   /       /  A7   /       /     A7   /       /

I've sunbathed on Kinder, been burned to a cinder

A7   /       /     A7   /       /     D       /         /        D       /       

And many more things I can tell

/   D       /         /        D       /     A7   /       /   A7   /      

My rucksack has oft been me pillow

/   A7 /       /     A7   /       /     D   /   / D /   /             

The heather has oft been me bed

/   D       /         /        D       /     A7   /       /   A7   /      

And sooner than part from the mountains

/  A7 /       /     A7   /       /     D   /   /  D       /       

I think I would rather be dead

         /          D       /         /    D       /        /     A7 /    / A7 /      /

Ch:     I'm a rambler, I'm a rambler from Manchester way

        A7 /       /     A7   /       /     D   /   /    D /        /             

        I get all me pleasure the hard moorland way

         D      /      /    D       /       /     A7 /    / A7 /      /

        I may be a wageslave on Monday

        A7 /       /     A7   /       /     D   /   /  D       /        /

        But I am a free man on Sunday


The day was just ending and I was descending

Down Grinesbrook just by Upper Tor

When a voice cried "Hey you" in the way keepers do

He'd the worst face that ever I saw

The things that he said were unpleasant

In the teeth of his fury I said

"Sooner than part from the mountains

I think I would rather be dead"


He called me a louse and said "Think of the grouse"

Well i thought, but I still couldn't see

Why all Kinder Scout and the moors roundabout

Couldn't take both the poor grouse and me

He said "All this land is my master's"

At that I stood shaking my head

No man has the right to own mountains

Any more than the deep ocean bed


I once loved a maid, a spot welder by trade

She was fair as the Rowan in bloom

And the bloom of her eye watched the blue Moreland sky

I wooed her from April to June

On the day that we should have been married

I went for a ramble instead

For sooner than part from the mountains

I think I would rather be dead


So I'll walk where I will over mountain and hill

And I'll lie where the bracken is deep

I belong to the mountains, the clear running fountains

Where the grey rocks lie ragged and steep

I've seen the white hare in the gullys

And the curlew fly high overhead

And sooner than part from the mountains

I think I would rather be dead

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